8 Barefoot in the Alps

A few days later, I’m back on the train but suddenly I feel a wave of panic. What am I doing? Listening to a voice in my head, wandering aimlessly, acting like a stupid child? Fear hits me hard and I begin to cry.

Sophia says, “Make a video. Show your weakness to the world!” In my old paradigm days, I suffered my pains in private but this is New Reality! So I, somewhat timidly, take out my little camcorder and turn the screen to selfie mode. I pour my pains and longings into the camera between incomprehensible sobs.

I post the video on Youtube, which takes a lot of work. Otis is a technical wizard and always helps me but I am able to post the no-nonsense confessional video and am reminded that the geek from my film making days is still in me.

Barely five minutes pass until a comment appears beneath the video, “Lady, you’re on vacation. Get a hold of yourself.” Oh, I guess so. I mean, what is so scary about walking without a plan? I am a wealthy lady so if things go wrong, I can always check myself into a hotel or get a ticket back home. The stranger’s comment wakes me up to how lucky I am; I’m finding my self! What better place to do it than the Swiss Alps? New Reality is so dope!

I’m aware that this is what Otis did in Bali. Now, three years after he did it, I’m on my own “Synchronicity Freestyle Travel.” Otis went without a single penny or credit card though so in this way, he is much braver than I am. He trusted his synchronicities and the voice in his head much more than I am now. I miss him a lot now. I realize that I really admire him – my New Reality man.

When Otis was 20, he backpacked through Europe on his own and came across a magical town called Gimmelwald in Switzerland. Missing my man, I decide to go there. The town is high up in the Alps and is inhabited by about 100 people.

After a night in a hostel, I set out to hike through the Alps. It’s cool though it’s July and so it feels like walking through a heavily air-conditioned room on a very hot day. In front of me, is a moss covered dirt lane that is well marked and well traveled. I set my foot on the earthen path that has turned squishy through the melting of the snow and it is this sensation that begs me to take off my shoes. I hike barefooted and gaze into the lush greenery on both sides of the path. Then the trees beg me to take my glasses off. Without my glasses, my vision is blurred and all I can do is trust. The entire forest becomes magical. I feel the presence of a little flower fairy checking me out. I never step on anything that hurts my feet.

Somewhere high up in a meadow, the air gets very thin and the sun very hot. I take off my heavy jacket and leave it on a rock with a sign reading, “FREE GIFT TO THE ALPS.” I carry no water so whenever I’m thirsty, I scoop up melting snow. I carry no food so whenever I’m hungry, I find myself near a town with restaurants and, most importantly, chocolate stores!

For days I hike without knowing the way and without getting lost. Every minute is perfect and synchronicities take care of me while Sophia and the forest fairies are my constant companions.

In the silent, joyful and nurturing embrace of nature, I’m learning how to be carefree, how to trust, how to relax, how to be alone and how to be me. I learn to differentiate between Sophia, a voice of reason, and my mind’s confused chatter. When the chattering gets intense, I slow my stride and let the mind go on without shutting it off. The mind slowly finds itself pointless and turns its attention to the beauty at hand.

On my last day in the wilderness, I sit on a big boulder to meditate. I feel myself to be an ancient, mossy and solid rock. I feel a deep sense of joy. It’s time to say goodbye to loneliness.

I take the gondola down through the Alps and get on the bullet train. In one day, I go from high in the Alps, to Geneva, to Paris, to London. My eight-year-old self is pleased, “Wow! I never thought I’d see all those great cities in one day!” What great lives we live in this New Reality!


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