1 Gift From the Soul

A glorious morning finds me trimming my rose bush. “How are you doing today? Oh my, you’re so pretty. Oh, you’ve grown three new buds! What a good baby, I’m proud of you!”

Yes, I am the kind of lady who talks to her plants like they are her children. Those who get it, get it. I can hear the roses’ reply via telepathy – a 5D technology.

Yawning and waking up from their nightly dreams, the blood red blossoms spray me with a burst of their spicy scent. I love gardening when the day is still cool, calm and fresh. It’s then that my mind easily slips into a state of no-thought. A union emerges between the rose and I. We merge into one being. I am the rose, the rose is me.

Otis walks up to me with an ear-to-ear grin. My husband is 27 years my junior and on this fine day I am 54 years-old. It’s very unusual for him to be so chirpy and alert in the morning; he is nocturnal. He stays up all night making videos and songs, answering emails, and going down Internet rabbit holes. He usually sleeps at dawn, which is when I wake-up. He is almost never awake in the morning and when he is, he certainly isn’t happy. It’s 6am and he is upright, smiling, beaming – nope, this is not the man I know.

Otis launches in, “I haven’t slept all night!”

“Yes, you have the look of a person high on crack!”

“Wait ’till you hear what the voice in my head is telling me to do!” “The voice in his head” is known as an auditory hallucination in psychology.

Our brain has two chambers, one side being more logical and the other more intuitive. Biologists claim that the two sides are connected by the corpus callosum but I think the connection is via 5D technology. The two sides of our brain communicate using the non-physical energetic etheric realm of 5D. 5D is less dense in terms of mass and more energetically based. Energy is less physical, thus the connection is faster. All of creation is connected via a field of energy in 5D as quantum physicists are beginning to recognize. Some call this huge field the “Zero Point Field.” (Check out Lynn McTaggert’s book “The Field” for an overview.)

Otis and I are believers in this 5D realm so we think that “the voice in our head” is our 5D higher-dimensional Self communicating with our 3D lower-dimensional Self. We go so far as to call this voice our “spirit guide.” A “spirit guide” is but a fancy term for intuition, inspiration or gut feeling. We believe that this voice has more information because it resides in the 5D realm and can give advice to the more localized Self in the 3D realm.

What is his voice telling him now?

This is the same voice that told him to kiss me on the first day we met and as a result, two strangers became intertwined as lovers. It’s been two years since the day we met, got married and moved in together. Had he not listened to the voice in his head, he wouldn’t have kissed me and we might have said goodbye and parted ways forever. This voice in his head is both magical and, well, downright crazy. The best and worst thing about Otis is that he listens to it 100%. He does whatever the voice tells him to do.

“The voice tells me I should go out and be homeless immediately.”

Even though I am accustomed to my man having far out ideas, this one is particularly hilarious. “Okay, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do,” I respond.

Otis runs off to pack his bag and is joined by his same-aged best friend. I call the two of them “magic boys” like Peter Pan. They go to our local adventure shop and stock up. Back at home they dress up in front of the mirror and preen. They are packed to the grill with expensive ultra-lightweight gear as if they are about to climb Mount Everest. The whole thing strikes me as arrogant in its approach and more than a little naive. They head to the dusty roads of Los Angeles on a “soul journey.”

A few days pass and they return to say hello. The two are high on their experiences and regale me with stories of nights spent sleeping in parks, on roof tops and being chased by the cops. It sounds like an adventure, alright.

Otis goes on and on about how great and free it is to be homeless. Then he launches into berating me for how I live, cloistered in the same old property for the last twenty years. Isn’t that great? This impecunious young man is criticizing me for giving him a stable home? I have had enough!

“Oh, being homeless is sooooooo great?! You better get used to it! I am sick and tired of you! Arrogant man! Living off of my goodwill and having the guts to tell me that how I live ‘isn’t that great.’ If my house is so bad then get the hell out and go live on the streets!”

I’m foaming at the corners of my mouth, cursing and cussing at him. Sasha, my 17-year-old daughter, is accustomed to my temper and so she holds me back. Turning to Otis she says, “You better get out! There is nothing you can say when she blows up!”

Though shocked and stunned by my black temper, Otis is not one to hold back his own black temper. He waves his fists at me, yelling at the top of his lungs, “You’re insane! You’re crazy!” His traveling companion picks up their bags and pulls Otis out the door and back into the concrete jungle of Los Angeles.

With that, he is gone. I stop hearing from him. One day, two days, a week goes by…three failed relationships, fifty-four years old and another lover gone. I am in a black mood.

“Mom, are you alright? Meet my friend Christopher.”

Although I know all of Sasha’s best friends, I’ve never met this boy before. He is about the same age as Sasha and as we meet he boldly looks into my eyes. There is something behind those eyes, something wise beyond his years. He tells me that he and Sasha have often talked about their weirdo moms. Before he came over, he had told his mom that Sasha’s mom is “weird” like her. Hearing that, his mother gave him a copy of her book to give to me. He hands me the book and then the two run off, happy to get away from their weirdo moms.

I look at the book in my hand: “Gifts for the Soul” by Dawn Clark. I love books and will read any book I am given. I open the book and am immediately hooked.

The book documents Dawn’s psychic experiences. Many of the amazing stories revolve around her son Christopher. In the book, Dawn explains that her father passed away shortly before Christopher was conceived. Dawn and her father had a very close connection and she went through a great deal of mourning before she came to peace with his passing.

Right around the time she made peace with the situation, Christopher was born. Dawn’s mother was there to meet the baby and when she held the newborn baby in her arms for the first time, her face went pale and she nearly dropped him. Unnerved, Dawn demanded to know what was wrong.

“This must be the strangest thing I have ever experienced in all of my life but I am looking into the eyes of my husband!” Thus began the strange tale of Christopher.

While growing up, Christopher spoke about his old World War II buddies and wondered what they were up to. When he saw some of his grandfather’s heirlooms for the first time, he happily picked them up and remarked that he’d missed them. He snapped a wristwatch onto his small wrist and wore corrective eyeglasses though his eye sight was perfect. These first hand and highly personal experiences convinced Dawn that souls exist from one life time to the next.

I’ve heard of reincarnation and am a believer myself. Dawn’s book is right up my ally. Her stories light up my imagination and so I read furiously while eating loads of my favorite Lindt white chocolate truffles for good measure.

The idea of reincarnation took Dawn, who was a therapist at the time of the events of the book, right out of the realm of the ordinary and into the realm of the spiritual. It lead her to discover a technique called Soul Retrieval. The idea of Soul Retrieval is that when a trauma is experienced, a piece of one’s psyche is wounded. In order to shield the rest of the psyche from further damage, the wounded piece of the psyche is left at the scene of the trauma, chipped off from the whole.

When we remember a trauma from our past, the scene plays in our memory in a loop. The same actions and dialogue are on continuous repeat. In mainstream psychology it’s called memory replay but there is no scientific explanation for why our brain loops trauma. Yet in psychic healing there is an explanation: hurtful memories (or any memories actually) replay because the “soul fragments” left behind stay trapped in the scene of the trauma, reliving it over and over. The hurt thus goes on forever. Meanwhile, one is living life not as a whole soul but with missing soul bits. Since we’re not whole, we cannot live a full and complete life. There is always something missing. Old hurts keeps hurting.

Through soul retrieval one can re-enter the scene of the trauma and retrieve the soul fragment, reintegrating it into one’s whole psyche. Once the psyche is whole, the scene of trauma no longer emits “charge.” When we think of the trauma, the facts are there but the memory no longer contains any emotional charge. “Charge” is an electric current running through our life. We get charged up by emotions: anger sends a charge, sadness sends a charge, joy sends a charge and, of course, love sends the biggest charge.

Soul Retrieval is not a set procedure. Shamans from different cultures have different ways of retrieving souls and modern healers in the West also have their own unique techniques. Dawn traveled all over the world learning soul retrieval from master teachers and shamans. She then developed her own way which involves using cards with symbols drawn on them.

When I reach the part in the book that describes her unique way of soul retrieval, I am not able to read. My eyes roll around on the words as if I am reading but my brain can not absorb the ideas. I keep forgetting what she says and have to re-read passages. No matter how hard I try, I cannot take in the information.

At this moment, the phone rings.

It’s Otis.


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