9 Contact with Other Dimensions

I’m sitting on a bench at London’s busy Paddington Station. I keep my head down and my energetic protection field up. My fragile, peaceful state of mind requires protection from the heat created by heavy, stomping feet that hectically move with purpose. People know where they’re going and they want to get there fast. I feel guilty and at fault for not having a goal, a destination, a job – it’s one thing to be calm in the wilderness but it’s an entirely different thing to be “pointless” here.

I amble aimlessly around the station, pretending to be interested in the booths selling magazines and souvenirs. I think of buying a Paddington teddy bear but who to give it to?

Otis won’t want it and both my daughters are way past the age for wanting teddy bears. In the middle of my mind’s chatter, an Indian fellow jumps in front of me, speaking quickly.

I stare at his mouth and I know he’s speaking English but I can’t understand a word. I end up figuring out that he is selling SIM cards and so I buy one off of him after he leads me to an ATM machine and opens my iPhone with the back of his earring.

As soon as the SIM card enters Stevie, that’s what I call my magical device, a message from Dipti, a fan of Funkmeyer World who I only know through emails, appears. She writes that she lives just outside of London and if I am ever close by, I should visit her. What luck!
Here I am, close by with nowhere to go. I call her straight away and she is true to her offer – life is grand!

The commuter train is packed, I am smothered against the door and am happy when the train finally pulls into the station. Dipti is at the platform to greet me. Though I feel an instant connection, I notice how my usual negative and critical thinking appears. Who is this stranger? What exactly am I doing in this foreign country? Just then, I glance at the clock and it’s 22:22!

Imagine all the synchronicities it took for me to arrive at this station, at that exact time! Everything, from the gondola in the Alps, to the trains I took, to the man selling me the SIM card, had to happen just the way they did so that I would see the numbers “2222” at my final destination! What perfect alignment and yet I did nothing but float around with an open mind to experience it. I was beginning to feel afraid and just when I needed reassurance, this sign in the form of numbers appeared. I murmur to myself, “The numbers are there to show me that all is well. All is well!”

Why? Although it could seem as if my thinking is superstitious, it’s not. My thinking is based on a science call Sacred Geometry, in which geometry is used to understand our physical reality. Reality is energy. Energy is made up of vibrational frequencies that form geometric patterns. The patterns of Sacred Geometry are the building blocks of reality. The word “sacred” is added to the word geometry because science is being used to understand the divine.

The number sequences 1111, 2222, 3333, and 4444, are symbols of the actual nature of your reality. When you are a co-creator of your own reality, meaning you’re assisting in the creation of a reality that is meaningful to you, beautiful formations of numbers show up in the reality of your own creation.

As luck would have it, Dipti is also in a new relationship with a much younger man. Like me, Dipti is joyous yet confused. We exchange notes and we lay bare our confusion, hurt, anger and sadness. We become fast friends.

After a few days, it’s time to move on. With gratitude I wave goodbye to dear Dipti.

I take the train to Marlborough, a nearby town, where I stroll around and get some lunch. I lay eyes on an old English bicycle that seems to be beckoning me to buy it. It would be nice to ride on a bike from town to town instead of getting a train or car! The bike is forest green with a leather seat and I feel the presence of its previous owner: an old English gentleman. I install a basket on its handlebar, give it some TLC and decide to name it Edgar.

While waiting for Edgar to get fixed up, I notice a real estate agency across the street. I go over to receive a hotel recommendation and the lady working tells me, “Oh, my friend just remodeled his house and is looking to rent it to tourists.” The price she quotes is much lower than any hotel so I’d be a fool not to take it. In a flash, David comes over to pick me up in his Mini Morris. Luckily, it’s a Mini Morris convertible so we stuff Edgar in sideways and head out.

It turns out that David doesn’t have a house – he lives in a 350 year-old church! David and his family have diligently remodeled the church for the last 35 years keeping the ancient stained glass and stones in tact while installing new plumbing and light fixtures. I get a whole apartment in the church to myself!

I unpack, feeling gloriously proud of myself for just trusting and experiencing such beautiful outcomes. I look out of the stained glass windows and realize that this church is surrounded by a graveyard! I nearly freak out as I’ve been afraid of ghosts for as long as I can remember! This is a real test for my very own ghost busting skills.

Holding my breath, I walk into the graveyard. During the day, the graves seem harmless but I worry what happens when night comes. I know my own imagination is capable of conjuring lots of frightening images and stories. I begin to wonder why it does that? I wouldn’t have questioned my mind doing this in the past but now, living in New Reality, I decide to confront my mind. One by one, I will look at the ghosts residing in my mind.

I sit down in the middle of the graveyard and go into meditation. Immediately, I feel the presence of many “people” – half materialized spirits, or ghosts. I see a young woman sitting by her headstone, a young boy playing a ball by his grave site and many others. Are these images real? As there is no time and no space, all time and space are a moment of NOW. Under this theory, while I sit in meditation, I’m also a part of all time. Are these “real” people in another time frame? Or are these simply images made up by my over-active imagination? Is my filmmaker mind creating a movie right now? I don’t know. I don’t think anyone has an answer at this point of our human, spiritual and scientific development. All I know is when I open my eyes I do not see spirits with my physical eyes but when I close my eyes and use my mind’s eye, I see them.

This actually helps me to feel more at ease with myself. My mind reports what my body feels and sees so I’m not exactly making the ghosts up and there is good reason for me seeing them.

I continue to meditate. I focus on creating a blank state within my mind and gradually my mind calms down. I can feel the spirits around me. Sometimes, the spirits actually move up and down and around but mostly they vibrate on the same spot. When a big gust of wind comes, they wave around with the drift.

Even now, as I write this, I can still see them clearly in my mind’s eye. We, humans and spirits, co-exist like bees and butterflies in a forest. It’s no big deal. They are there and we are there too. As I sit and meditate, I feel no charge. Emotions are electrical jolts to the heart; joy is a good charge, anger is a bad charge but the best charge of all, is no charge. Equanimity.

David walks by, “Fancy you sitting here! My wife harvests many varieties of wild mushrooms here. The soil is very nutritious!” He winks. Life, death, growth…it is the way it is!

One giant oak tree, that was planted about 1,100 years ago, particularly stands out to me for having a deep hole and a long phallic growth the shape of a human’s face protruding from it. It has the unmistakeable presence of an ancient being.

When my mind is clear, I am able to see forest spirits in my peripheral vision. I see three types of forest spirits in this fashion: little forest fairies who feel like playful children to me, centaurs and gnomes who seem drunk and very grumpy to me.

I miss Otis terribly, especially at night. I fall asleep wanting to hug him. One day, I call him and I’m overjoyed! He asks me to make videos for our YouTube channel. He suggests topics and I dutifully go out and shoot them. In my mind, he is the director and I am the videographer. Even though we’re so far apart, we’re still connected through our work. This rekindles the fire in my heart and I wonder if he, once again, can be my lover man.

I return to Los Angeles and into Otis’s open arms.


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