My life is my most important work

Dear Reader,

My first memoir, Magnum Opus Book 1 is about my physical transformation from an old-time “Asian-American” “female” “filmmaker” “mother” “wife”–labels, labels–who wants to kill herself, to a cool ageless ultra-modern cutting-edge path-finder–more labels–but I like these ones better!

This book picks up where the outer journey ended and plunged me into an intense internal journey, diving into the nebulous, squishy, cloudy, hazy, misty, non-physical dimensions of my Self.

I call these woo woo etheric realms of me the 5th Dimension. Why? No scientifically based reason. I like the sound and look of it. It’s glam. I love myself during the time when Parliament Funkadelic and the 5th Dimension were big influences in my life. I was seventeen and oh so sweet.

I became a filmmaker and I love to tell a good story. I love explosions, sex, ghosts, a hearty laugh and a rousing conclusion. It’s a crime to bore! You want drama? You get drama! Full of sound and fury, real and not real at the same time. Hey, Toto, we’re in 5D now!

Let the story begin on that glorious morning….


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